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Psychology Liberal Arts Transfer Major

Psychology is both a science and a profession. Regardless of your specific career plans, study in Psychology will develop your critical thinking and interpersonal skills and broaden your understanding of research, ethics, and human behavior. Graduate study in this field will further enhance career opportunities.

Career Opportunities

  • Counselor or therapist
  • Human resource professional
  • School psychologist
  • Market researcher
  • College educator
  • Sports psychologist

Find employment in the following sectors:

  • Education
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Government
  • Business
  • Health
  • Research

The American Psychological Association provides additional information on careers and subfields of Psychology.

Furthering Education in Psychology

For additional programs and program information, visit Psychology Schools in Iowa.

Student Involvement and Volunteer Opportunities

  • Hawkeye Pride Organization: Student organization focused on the LGBTQ+ community and interests, education, and advocacy. The organization is a safe zone open to all LGBTQ+ and ally students.

  • Hawkeye Reads: A campus-wide program that seeks to support the College's Institutional Outcomes and increase literacy.

  • MAPS (Minds, Actions, People, Society): Special interest club for students interested in Psychology, Sociology, and Social Work.

  • Multicultural Student Organization: A student-led group created to be a platform for students to focus on diversity issues that shape our world.

  • Phi Theta Kappa: Academic honor society. You must have a GPA of 3.5 or higher. They offer leadership skills, fellowship, and scholarships.

  • Student Ambassadors: A group of students who assist the Admissions office with the recruitment of new students and who represent and promote Hawkeye.

  • Student Leadership Council: Represents and promotes the common interests and general welfare of the student body.

Students are also encouraged to engage in community volunteering. Visit The Volunteer Center of the Cedar Valley for community volunteering opportunities in the Cedar Valley.

Planning Your Class Schedule

Students should consult with an advisor in Student Services to select courses, make a transfer plan, and periodically review their progress towards their degree completion.

Students are also encouraged to contact the admissions office at the college to which they plan to transfer during their first year at Hawkeye in order to obtain specific program and transfer requirements.

Not all courses may be required for transfer to your future major.

Award: Associate of Arts (AA)
Credits: 62

Courses and course cost calculations are subject to change.

Course Descriptions: Show All | Hide All

Psychology Transfer Courses
BIO-105 Introductory Biology -OR- E 4 $845.00
BIO-112 General Biology I -OR- 4 $846.00
BIO-113 General Biology II -OR- 4 $855.00
BIO-163 Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology -OR- E 4 $870.00
BIO-166 Fundamentals of Anatomy and Physiology -OR- 4 $840.00
BIO-168 Human Anatomy and Physiology I E 4 $859.00
MAT-156 Statistics O E 3 $630.00
PHI-105 Introduction to Ethics -OR- O E 3 $630.00
PHI-101 Introduction to Philosophy O E 3 $630.00
PSY-111 Introduction to Psychology O E 3 $630.00
PSY-121 Developmental Psychology O E 3 $630.00
PSY-251 Social Psychology 3 $630.00
Total Credits 19

Remaining Liberal Arts Coursework
I. Natural Science and Mathematics — B. Physical Sciences 3
II. Humanities — A. Western Civilization 3
II. Humanities — B. Humanities 1. Literature and Fine Arts -OR- 3
II. Humanities — B. Humanities 3. Non-Western Cultures 3
III. Social Sciences — B. American Society 3
IV. Communications 9
V. Social Diversity 3
VI. Elective Courses — A. Required Elective Course 1
VI. Elective Courses — B. Suggested Elective Courses 18
Total Credits 43

Course Cost Calculation

Resident tuition and fees x course credits + course fee if applicable.

Course calculations are based on 2022–2023 tuition and fees and course fees.

The course cost calculation does not include:

Admissions Requirements

Best Advice for Psychology Majors

Get involved in student activities and volunteering in the community!

— Patricia Crowe - Rubino.
See Patty's bio.

1. Be curious! Psychology is an enormous, evolving field that needs scientists and helpers of all kinds.

2. Get involved in student organizations and/or volunteer in the community. This can help you to make meaningful connections with mentors and peers.

3. Interview professionals who have your dream job — recognizing what it will take to get you where you want to be is critical for this area of study.

— Leah Parker.
See Leah's bio.

Contact Information

Faculty Mentor

Patty Crowe-Rubino
Black Hawk Hall 116
319-296-2329 ext.1126
Email Patty Crowe-Rubino

Administrative Assistant

Kate Childers
Black Hawk Hall 258
Email Kate Childers


Liberal and Applied Arts and Human Services

Catharine Freeman
Black Hawk Hall 258
Email Catharine Freeman

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