Hawkeye Bookstore

Hawkeye Bookstore, owned and operated by Barnes and Noble College and located in the Brock Student Center, is your place for official Hawkeye Community College textbooks, gear, and supplies.

Purchasing Textbooks

The Box of Books program is designed to save you time and money and ensure you have all your textbooks and course materials for each of your classes prior to the first day of class.

Through the Box of Books program the Hawkeye Bookstore does all the shopping for you and puts together a package of physical books and digital material for each of your courses prior to the first day of class.

Upon registration students are automatically enrolled in this program, however, students can choose to opt-out and purchase their textbooks and course materials themselves.

Learn more about the Box of Books program

Charging to Your Student Account

Hawkeye allows all registered students to charge required textbooks, software, calculators, and flash drives to their student college account during specific dates at the beginning of a semester.

Bring your Hawkeye student ID number if you plan to charge your books to your student account.

You are responsible for any bookstore charges added to your student account if you do not have enough financial aid to cover the expense.

Registered for a Late Start Class?

Students with approved financial aid may receive a Guernsey Loan to pay for required textbooks, software, calculators, and flash drives for late start classes. Contact the Business Office for more information.

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