High School Students—CollegeNow!

Earn college credit while in high school!

CollegeNow! allows high school students to take college credit courses through a variety of offerings including Concurrent Enrollment, Dual Enrollment, and Career Academies.

The courses may be offered at your high school, online, or at a Hawkeye Community College location. Either you or your school district will pay for the courses.

Registering for Courses

Registration sessions for CollegeNow! course offerings will take place at each high school in the fall and spring. Students must attend a registration session in order to register and receive orientation materials.

A High School Relations representative will contact the counselors at each high school to select a registration date each semester. The registration deadline for the fall semester (includes trimester 1 and 2) is May 30. The registration deadline for the spring semester (includes trimester 3) is November 30.

Senior Year Plus Guide

In accordance with the Iowa Department of Education, CollegeNow! follows the rules, policies and procedures of Senior Year Plus (SYP). The guide and its addendums can be found on the Iowa Department of Education website.

Resources and Info for Instructors and Counselors

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