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These college classes are those offered in the high schools taught by a Hawkeye Community College credentialed high school instructor following our NACEP accreditation standards. This is not a complete list of courses available to high school students, check with your high school counselor or the High School Relations CollegeNow! team for other offerings that may be available.

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  • ACC-115 Introduction to Accounting
  • ACC-116 Introduction to Accounting II
  • AGA-114 Principles of Agronomy
  • AGB-330 Farm Business Management
  • AGH-221 Principles of Horticulture
  • AGS-113 Survey of the Animal Industry
  • AGS-305 Livestock Evaluation
  • ART-101 Art Appreciation
  • ART-173 Ceramics
  • AUT-106 Introduction to Automotive Technology
  • AUT-109 Introduction to Automotive Technology II
  • BCA-134 Word Processing
  • BCA-205 Database/Spreadsheets
  • BIO-112 General Biology I
  • BIO-113 General Biology II
  • BIO-151 Nutrition
  • BUS-102 Introduction to Business
  • BUS-183 Business Law
  • CIS-303 Introduction to Database
  • COM-730 Communications
  • CON-102 Introduction to Residential Construction
  • CON-133 Construction Technology Lab
  • CSC-110 Introduction to Computers
  • ECE-243 Early Childhood Guidance
  • ECN-110 Introduction to Economics
  • EDU-214 Exploring PK-12 Education
  • EDU-901 Academic Service Learning Experience
  • EGR-945 Special Topics in Engineering
  • EGT-410 PLTW - Principles of Engineering
  • EGT-460 PLTW - Civil Engineering and Architecture
  • ENG-105 Composition I
  • ENG-106 Composition II
  • ENV-115 Environmental Science
  • FLS-241 Intermediate Spanish I
  • FLS-242 Intermediate Spanish II
  • GRA-105 Drawing and Composition
  • GRA-133 Desktop Publishing
  • GRA-142 Graphic Imaging
  • HCM-608 Introduction to Hospitality
  • HIS-117 Western Civilization I: Ancient and Medieval
  • HIS-118 Western Civilization II: Early Modern
  • HIS-119 Western Civilization III: The Modern Period
  • HIS-151 U.S. History to 1877
  • HSC-108 Introduction to Health Professions
  • HSC-113 Medical Terminology
  • LIT-101 Introduction to Literature
  • MAT-110 Math for Liberal Arts
  • MAT-156 Statistics
  • MAT-210 Calculus I
  • MAT-772 Applied Math
  • MFG-122 Machine Trade Printreading I
  • MFG-157 Introduction to CNC Programming I
  • MFG-158 Introduction to CNC Programming II
  • MFG-211 Basic Machine Theory
  • MFG-302 CNC Fundamentals
  • MGT-101 Principles of Management
  • MKT-110 Principles of Marketing
  • MKT-198 Sports Marketing
  • MMS-103 Basic Digital Photography
  • MUS-100 Music Appreciation
  • NET-109 A+ Certification Prep Course
  • NET-213 Cisco Networking
  • PHS-120 Exploring Physical Science
  • PNN-100 Nursing Assistant
  • PSY-111 Introduction to Psychology
  • SDV-149 Exploration of Engineering Careers
  • SDV-159 Exploration of Business Careers
  • SOC-110 Introduction to Sociology
  • SPC-101 Fundamentals of Oral Communication
  • WDV-102 Introduction to Web Development
  • WEL-104 Introduction to MIG Welding
  • WEL-228 Introduction to Welding, Safety, and Health of Welders: SENSE1
  • WEL-244 Gas Metal Arc Welding Short Circuit Transfer: SENSE1
  • WEL-344 GMAW Developmental I

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