Concurrent Enrollment

Earn high school and college credit at the same time! Concurrent courses may be offered at your school, at a Hawkeye location, or online. The courses are taught by either Hawkeye faculty or qualified high school instructors.

To explore your options, visit with your school counselor first. Together, you’ll review the courses your school has approved and determine which fit your needs and goals.

See the list of college credit courses offered at your high school.


Concurrent courses are open to 9th – 12th grade students attending school in Hawkeye’s service area, including those who receive private instruction such as homeschooled students.

For general education and transferable classes, your counselor will determine your eligibility based on your Iowa Statewide Assessment of Student Progress (ISASP) scores. Students who do not meet ISASP minimums may be eligible through alternative measures of academic readiness.

To take certain general education courses, such as writing and math, students may also have to meet requirements like minimum GPA or ACCUPLACER Assessment scores.

For career and technical education classes, students do not need to meet Iowa Assessment proficiency requirements. However, some career and technical education classes have ACCUPLACER Assessment or GPA requirements. Your counselor and the High School Relations team will help you determine if assessment scores are needed.

See Assessment Scores and Course Equivalencies for more information.


Your school district pays the cost of tuition for district-approved courses. Check with your counselor to learn your school’s policies on textbooks and other required materials.

Please note, you may be responsible for costs such as transportation to and from class, field trips, and other non-tuition costs.


After you have successfully completed a course, the grade and credits will be added to your high school and college transcripts. Your school will determine the amount of high school credit awarded.

Requesting Transcripts

To send your Hawkeye transcript to another educational institution, submit a transcript request.


  1. Meet with your high school counselor to learn your district’s approved courses and find out which courses are best for you.

  2. Take the ACCUPLACER or ACT assessment if necessary or recommended.

  3. Attend a concurrent enrollment orientation and registration session at your school.

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