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Concurrent Student Handbook

The Concurrent Student Handbook [pdf] contains helpful information about Hawkeye's policies and procedures.

Withdrawing from a Course

If you are considering dropping or withdrawing from a course, speak with your high school counselor before taking action. Your school’s High School Partnerships Representative can also provide information helpful in making your decision.

You must confirm and understand withdrawal deadlines for both your high school and Hawkeye. Withdrawing from a course may affect your grade point average, graduation requirements, eligibility for high school activities, and even your college financial aid eligibility.

My Hawkeye and Canvas

My Hawkeye is your access to email, grades, and other important online services.

Canvas is Hawkeye’s online learning management system. The course syllabus, your grades, as well as course materials including assignments and videos, will be available in Canvas.

Resetting your Hawkeye password

Your username and passwords for My Hawkeye and Canvas will be the same. Always reset your password in My Hawkeye. Resetting your password in Canvas will not work.

Privacy of Your Records (FERPA)

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) specifies your rights with respect to your educational records.

When you enroll in college courses at Hawkeye, you may choose to grant access to your academic records to a parent or guardian. The forms necessary for doing so are available online. Review the policies that apply to your records, and if you have questions or concerns, contact your school’s High School Partnerships representative.

Support Services

As a high school student taking college courses, you have access to helpful support services.


Hawkeye’s tutoring services are free and available in a variety of formats. We have several on-campus tutoring centers, one-on-one tutors, and 24-7 online tutoring through Brainfuse.

Connect with your High School Partnerships representative to find the best option for you.

Academic and Career Planning

If you and your school counselor determine that you would benefit from our academic advising and Career Advising contact the High School Partnerships team. We’ll make sure you connect with the best Hawkeye advisors and staff for your goals.

Student Disability Services

Students with disabilities may be eligible for support services designed for their needs. Our Special Needs Coordinator can assist you with determining your eligibility (based on a 504 or IEP). Contact your High School Partnerships representative to begin the process.

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