Homeschooled Students

Students who are homeschooled or receive competent private instruction may be eligible to take college courses through Hawkeye Community College and your school district.

Concurrent Courses

These courses may be offered at the local public high school or at a Hawkeye campus. You must meet the proficiency requirements of the high school and Hawkeye.

The school district will pay for the tuition for the course.

To sign up for courses, you must meet with the guidance counselor at your local public high school.

Dual Enrollment Courses

These courses are open to students who meet Hawkeye’s course requirements and would like to take courses not offered by the public high school.

You will be responsible for the cost of the tuition, fees, books, and additional supplies.

To sign up for courses, you must meet with a High School Relations representative at Hawkeye.

Contact Information

High School Relations

Hawkeye Center 124
Email High School Relations

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