Tutoring Services-Getting Help with Your Course Work

We want to make sure that all Hawkeye students are successful in their courses. Getting the help you need can greatly improve your learning experience and performance in your classes.

Face-to Face and Online Tutoring with Student Tutoring and Computer Lab Professional Tutors

The Student Tutoring and Computer Lab (STC Lab) has professional tutors available for both face-to-face tutoring and online tutoring using Zoom.

Our professional tutors can help you with your coursework in English, math, anatomy and physiology, and certain business courses. They can also help you learn Microsoft Office and work with you to improve your study skills.

To schedule an appointment with a professional tutor, call or visit the Student Tutoring and Computer Lab.

Walk-in tutoring services are offered Monday – Thursday evenings in the Library.

Tutor Schedule — Spring 2023 [pdf].

Math Tutor Schedule — Spring 2023 [pdf].

Science Tutor Schedule — Spring 2023 [pdf].

Writing and Study Skills Tutor Schedule — Spring 2023 [pdf].

Online Tutoring with Smarthinking

For tutoring help 24 hours a day, check out Smarthinking, online tutoring: anywhere, anytime.

With Smarthinking, you can:

  • Access a live, personal session with a Smarthinking tutor in Drop-In Tutoring.
  • Schedule a personal session with a tutor of your choice in Scheduled Tutoring — including voice options for mathematics, writing, reading, and Spanish.
  • Submit your writing for any class to our Writing Center.
  • Send a question to a Smarthinking tutor with Offline Questions.

Smarthinking subjects

  • Nursing
  • Math
  • Bilingual Math
  • Introductory Anatomy & Physiology
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Statistics
  • Spanish
  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Computers & Technology
  • Resumes and Professional Correspondence

Get Started with Smarthinking Online Tutoring

  1. Turn off all pop-up blockers for your browser.

    Turn off Pop Up Blockers in Chrome

    • Click on the button in the upper right corner
    • Select Settings
    • Scroll down to select Site Settings
    • Scroll down and select Pop-Ups and Redirects
    • Click on Block to change it to Allowed
    • Close the Settings Tab

    Turn off Pop Up Blockers in Safari (Apple)

    • From the Safari menu, select Preferences
    • Click Security at the top of the window
    • Uncheck the Block Pop-Up Windows box

    Turn off Pop Up Blockers in Firefox (Apple)

    • Select Preferences from the Firefox menu
    • Choose the Content button
    • Uncheck the Block Pop-Up Windows box
  2. Log into your Hawkeye Canvas account and open any class.

  3. Select the Smarthinking Tutoring link on the left menu.

  4. Click the Smarthinking Online Tutoring link in the resource list.

    • Smarthinking will check your system for compatibility. If necessary, scroll down and click on Click Here to Continue.

  5. The first time you enter Smarthinking this popup will appear asking if you want to generate a Token ID to access the Smarthinking iPad / Mobile App. You can use this to generate a token ID (code) so you can download and use the Smarthinking app from either the App store or Google Play. The mobile app is free.

  6. Review the short tutorials on How to Use Smarthinking below the four Smarthinking choices.

If you have questions about Smarthinking please contact the Student Tutoring and Computer Lab.

Need help with your writing assignments?

If you have questions about grammar, style (APA or MLA), organization, or content development, then choose Writing (All Subjects) in the Drop-In Tutoring area. This option can also support you with pre-writing activities such as brainstorming, outlining, or thesis development.

If you are ready to submit your draft for review, submit it to an essay center choice under Writing Center. A professional writing tutor will review your paper and provide feedback via you Personal Archive within about 24 hours.

Need help with your Math, Science, Business, or Nursing coursework?

Connect with a live tutor by choosing the subject area under Drop In Tutoring to share a chat session with a professional tutor. Type your question in the whiteboard and click the Enter Question button. You may have to wait a few minutes to get connected but once you do, you'll have the tutor's full and undivided attention! You can also load graphics, office docs, and PDFs into the whiteboard with the Share Document feature.

Technology Requirements and Troubleshooting Tips

  1. Enable cookies and JavaScript. To install Java, visit www.java.com and follow the instructions for the free download.
  2. Allow all popups for smarthinking.com.

The Smarthinking Technical Support team is available to assist you. The Online Knowledge Base, Technical Support, and Tutorials are located under Support+ once you are in Smarthinking at the top of the screen toward the right.

Peer Tutoring

Peer Tutoring is available for many courses to students who show need by meeting qualifications including having a C- or lower in the course or having tutoring listed in their accommodations. Peer Tutoring is offered for subjects that the Student Tutoring and Computer Lab professional tutors do not cover.

To receive peer tutoring assistance, please complete the Request for Tutoring Assistance application [pdf] and return to the Peer Tutor Coordinator at the Student Tutoring and Computer Lab.

A tutor will be matched with you as quickly as possible; however, a delay in processing your request may be due to an inability to find a tutor for the subject area. Tutors cannot be guaranteed for every course.

Tutoring sessions are limited to a total of ten hours per class per semester.

Contact the Peer Tutor Coordinator for more information.

Business Tutoring Lab

This peer lab is located in Black Hawk Hall 217. Hours and staffing vary from semester to semester.

Please call or come to the Student Tutoring and Computer Lab to see when tutoring is available or to pick up a schedule.

Business Tutor Schedule — Spring 2023 [pdf].

ATI TEAS Test Preparation

The ATI TEAS Test is a pre-admission exam for Nursing program students. Our tutors can help you prepare for the ATI TEAS test. Get more information about the ATI TEAS Test including information about preparing for the ATI TEAS test and the current tutor schedule, as well as registering for and taking the ATI TEAS Test.

CRLA: International Tutor Training Program Certification

Hawkeye Community College's tutoring program is certified by the College Reading and Learning Association.

Contact Information

Student Tutoring & Computer Lab

Bremer Hall 127
Email the Student Tutoring and Computer Lab

Regular Hours — Spring 2023

Monday–Friday 7:00am – 4:30pm

If campus is closed, the Student Tutoring and Computer Lab is also closed. This includes weather related closings. See the Academic Calendar for scheduled college closings.

Peer Tutor Coordinator

Dawn Hovey
Bremer Hall 126B
319-296-2329 ext.1014
Email Dawn Hovey


Nick Landmesser
Bremer Hall 129
319-296-2329 ext.1788
Email Nick Landmesser

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