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Hawkeye Reads 2021–2022: We The Interwoven: An Anthology of Bi-Cultural Iowa, Vol. II

A good story has the power to be transformational. A good story cuts across boundaries and sparks meaningful discussion.

Hawkeye Reads is a campus-wide program that seeks to support the College’s Institutional Outcomes and increase literacy. It promotes dialogue among students, faculty, and staff across the campus. To put it simply, Hawkeye Reads uses reading to build community.

The 2021–2022 Hawkeye Reads book selection is We The Interwoven: An Anthology of Bi-Cultural Iowa, Vol. II.

Join a BookTalk

Welcome to a new year, and a new Hawkeye Reads book! Join us to read and discuss We The Interwoven: An Anthology of Bi-Cultural Iowa, Vol. II.

Can't wait to get your hands on a copy of We The Interwoven: An Anthology of Bi-Cultural Iowa, Vol. II and get started? Here's a few suggestions:

Adopt the Hawkeye Reads Book Selection for your Class

Instructors! Adopt the 2021–22 Hawkeye Reads book for your class. The Institutional Learning Outcome focus for the year is Community and Global Awareness. However, a broad spectrum of subjects are found within this book. Major themes include: Storytelling, Identity Immigration, Interconnectedness, Intersectionality. Visit the Library's Hawkeye Reads LibGuide for a full list of themes or contact a member of the Hawkeye Reads committee to discover how to connect your course with Hawkeye Reads!

Nominate a Book for Hawkeye Reads

Hawkeye Reads book nominations are being accepted on an on-going basis.

Nominations should align with the 2021–2022 institutional outcome of Individual Development.

Please submit your nomination by November 1, 2021.

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