Financial Aid Consequences of Withdrawing or Changing Your Course Schedule or Program / Major

Dropping courses, withdrawing, and changing your program / major may have a negative impact on your financial aid eligibility and may leave you with a bill or result in you having to pay back unearned aid.

If you plan to make any schedule changes, please contact Financial Aid before dropping the class to discuss how the schedule change will affect your financial aid now and in the future.

Dropping Courses / Withdrawing Can Result In:

  • Changes to your Financial Aid Award: Your financial aid award is based on the number of credit hours you are enrolled in. If you drop from class before the financial aid lock date, your award may be adjusted.

  • A Balance on Your Student Account: You earn financial aid based solely on the length of time you attend class at Hawkeye. Therefore, you may not have earned all of your financial aid when you withdraw or stop attending classes, leaving you with a balance due on your student account. Per Federal regulations, a Return of Title IV (R2T4) calculation will be completed to determine the amount of aid that you have earned. 

    After the tuition refund deadline, you are responsible to pay tuition and fees for classes.

    For more information on determining your earned / unearned financial aid see the Financial Aid Handbook: Withdrawing—The Impact on Financial Aid.

  • Financial Aid Warning Status or Financial Aid Suspension: If you attended past the financial aid lock date withdrawing from some of your classes may cause you to be put on financial aid warning or financial aid suspension due to Financial Aid Satisfactory Progress Guidelines.

  • Your Loans Going Into Repayment: When you withdraw from all of your classes, or drop below six credit hours, any loans you received while attending Hawkeye will go into repayment.

See the Financial Aid Handbook: Withdrawing—The Impact on Financial Aid for the official policy

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