Financial Aid Suspension Appeals

If you fail to meet the Satisfactory Academic Progress standards for financial aid due to a crisis situation, such as personal illness or accident, serious illness or death within the immediate family, or other circumstances beyond your reasonable control, the following steps may be completed to receive consideration for reinstatement of financial aid eligibility.

Financial Aid Suspension Status Appeal Process

Optional Step: Satisfactory Academic Progress Worksheet

The Satisfactory Academic Progress Worksheet is an optional worksheet you can complete to help you learn why you are on Financial Aid Suspension and help to prevent another suspension in the future.

Step 1: Complete the Financial Aid Satisfactory Progress Appeal form

The Financial Aid Satisfactory Progress Appeal form requires you to provide a written explanation of your situation and provide supporting documents to verify your situation.

Step 2: Meet with your Academic/College Success Advisor or Academic Advisor

After you have completed the online appeal form, contact Student Services at 319-296-4014 to make an appointment with your Academic/College Success Advisor or Academic Advisor to complete an Academic Planning Worksheet together. They will help you develop a plan to complete your program and graduate from Hawkeye.

You will need to print your Academic Evaluation and bring it with you to your meeting. You will refer to your Academic Evaluation to complete the Academic Planning Worksheet.

Step 3: Check Your Hawkeye Email for Updates and the Results of your Appeal

Checking the Status of Your Appeal

You can check the status of your appeal at any time by viewing your appeal form. Search your email for the subject "Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal" for the unique link to your appeal.

Appeal Results

Once the Committee has reviewed your appeal, you will receive an email to your Hawkeye email of the results.

  • If your appeal is approved: You must read, sign, and return the Acknowledgement email. Once we receive your acknowledgement we can reinstate your financial aid eligibility. If your Acknowledgement email is not returned, your financial aid status will remain as suspension status.

  • If your appeal is denied, you will receive an email with the reasons for the denial. You are given 30 days for the opportunity to provide additional documentation/information not previously provided. If you do not provide additional documentation/information or you miss the deadline, your next opportunity to appeal would be the following semester.


Appeals will only be reviewed for the current term until 30 calendar days into the term starting from the first day of the term. Appeals submitted to the Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Committee after this timeframe will be reviewed for the following term. See Financial Aid Dates and Deadlines.

Reviewing Your Appeal

A committee will review your appeal to determine if your financial aid eligibility will be reinstated. Once a decision has been made you will receive the results via your Hawkeye email.

Reinstatement of Financial Aid Eligibility

If your appeal is approved by the Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Committee, you will receive a Satisfactory Academic Progress Agreement via your Hawkeye email that must be signed and returned to the Financial Aid Office before aid and eligibility will be reinstated. Once reinstated, you will be placed on either Probation status or Academic Plan status.

You are expected to follow the detailed academic plan that is discussed with your Academic/College Success Advisor or Academic Advisor and submitted with the appeal. If at any time you are no longer following your academic plan or making academic progress, you will again be placed on Suspension status.

To check your current academic status you will need to contact your Academic Advisor or Academic Affairs. Approved appeals require a signed contract to be returned to the Financial Aid office prior to the end of the semester being approved in order for aid to be awarded for that semester.

Financial Aid Adjustment

If you have already been awarded financial aid for the upcoming term, but your appeal is not complete or approved, your financial aid funds will be cancelled for the entire award year at the time of the deadline for the current term.

Reinstatement of financial aid is contingent upon the availability of the funds at the time the appeal is approved.

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