Responsible Borrowing

If you have borrowed more than $15,500 as a dependent student or $28,000 as an independent student in Federal Direct Loans you will need to complete a Responsible Borrowing Session each year you continue to borrow from the Federal Direct Loan program.

We will notify you through your Hawkeye email and My Hawkeye > Self-Service Menu > Financial Aid > Financial Aid Services if you need to complete a Responsible Borrowing Session.

In this session you will complete exercises that will help you keep your student loan borrowing to a minimum, as well as the tools to locate your Loan Servicer information and total loan debt.

To complete your Responsible Borrowing Session you must:

  1. Watch the following two-minute videos:

    1. Repayment: What to Expect: Learn about loan repayment options, selecting a repayment plan, and the role of loan servicers.

    2. Responsible Borrowing: Learn about responsible borrowing, loan repayment, and carefully weighing the costs of college and potential income after graduation.

  2. Complete the Student Loan Game Plan counseling.

  3. Complete the appropriate Borrowing Worksheet:

  4. Return your completed worksheet along with additional printouts requested during the session to the Financial Aid office.

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