Responsible Borrowing

If you have borrowed more than $15,500 as a dependent student or $28,000 as an independent student in Federal Direct Loans you will need to complete a Responsible Borrowing Session each year you continue to borrow from the Federal Direct Loan program.

We will notify you through your Hawkeye email and My Hawkeye > Self-Service Menu > Financial Aid > Financial Aid Services if you need to complete a Responsible Borrowing Session.

In this session you will complete exercises that will help you keep your student loan borrowing to a minimum, as well as the tools to locate your Loan Servicer information and total loan debt.

To complete your Responsible Borrowing Session you must:

  1. Watch the following two-minute videos:

    1. Repayment: What to Expect: Learn about loan repayment options, selecting a repayment plan, and the role of loan servicers.

    2. Responsible Borrowing: Learn about responsible borrowing, loan repayment, and carefully weighing the costs of college and potential income after graduation.

  2. Complete the appropriate Borrowing Worksheet:

  3. Return your completed worksheet along with additional printouts requested during the session to the Financial Aid office.

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