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Virtual Reality Training Simulator for Law Enforcement

Through the Apex Officer training platform officers are fully immersed in a virtual reality situation with headgear, a backpack, and other accessories. As soon as officers suit up they forget they are in a training room and instead are virtually placed inside the crisis situation to which they are responding. Another officer creates the scenarios, with characters, and is able to change the narrative at any moment.

The variety of scenarios is endless ranging from traffic stops to domestic calls to active shooter situations.

Officers conduct a debriefing at the end of each scenario.

Bringing the Apex Officer Training to You

While the primary use of the Apex Officer Training is for Hawkeye students, outside agencies can benefit from this training as well.

A typical outline for the training includes:

  • Safety briefing, including safe boundaries and instructional commands vs. simulation commands.
  • One – two officer scenarios/simulations in a variety of environments to be determined ahead of time by the agency.
  • Conversational debrief after each scenario.
  • A recording can be generated of the simulation if the agency would like to require the participant to complete a report based on their simulation.

Planning for Your Training

Scheduling training for outside agencies is subject to schedule availability of the system and instructors.

When scheduling your training, plan for one – two simulations per hour including debrief.

We recommend a maximum of two events per officer in a one hour period.

Duty gear is recommended; however, modifications may be needed depending on departmental equipment preferences.

A complete training roster will need to be submitted on the day of training.


  • Facilitator fee: $50.00 per hour of training. Includes two trained facilitators.

    • The facilitator fee may be reduced for agencies with trained operators.
  • Mileage fee: If the training will be held outside a 25-mile radius from Hawkeye's Main Campus, a $0.50 per mile round trip mileage fee will be billed to the agency.

Scheduling Your Training

Contact Hawkeye's Regional Law Enforcement Academy to schedule training for your agency.

Contact Information

Regional Law Enforcement Academy

6315 Hammond Ave
Waterloo, IA  50701
319-266-6772 (fax)
Email the Academy

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