Virtual Paint

VirtualPaint technology

Traditional in-booth painter training is costly, time consuming, and labor intensive. With the new VirtualPaint technology being used by our Auto Collision Technologies and Customized Training for Painting Certification programs, painter training is faster and more efficient than ever before.

The VirtualPaint technology offers many of the adjustment features found on a real spray gun including:

  • Air pressure
  • Fan size
  • Fluid pressure
  • Flow rate
  • Partial triggering

These features contribute to the high level of feedback for both the student and instructor to track progress.

During the training session the computer instantly provides information on the part students are virtually painting. At the end of the painting session students receive a score indicating how efficiently they painted.

Typically a paint training course would have high costs, long wait times between different techniques, and less exposure to painting different types of parts. With VirtualPaint's numerous options, an instructor can give demonstrations, manual training, or custom lessons.

Benefits of VirtualPaint include:

  • Eliminating hazardous air emissions
  • Unlimited practice parts and coating
  • Precise and instant feedback to students to fix mistakes as they learn
  • Reducing paint waste by increasing skills before in-booth application

Customized Training for Painting Certification

If the average painter learned to spray more efficiently, the estimated cost savings per year is $7,000.

Hawkeye Community College offers painting certification classes for painters in the industry to learn to increase their skills and productivity.

Learn more about working with Hawkeye to customize training for your business.

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