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MILO Range—Interactive Decision-Making Simulator

Interactive Decision-Making Simulator

The MILO Range Simulator's high definition video makes each simulated training look and feel as life-like as possible. The scenario library offers more than 500 different video options and is updated to offer training in the latest security measures. The interactive training weapons use lasers to interact with the computer-based equipment for live scenarios. Instructors are in control of the scenarios and can alter the video based on the student's reaction to the simulated situation.

Some live scenarios include:

  • Active shooters
  • Burglaries
  • Disorderly and intoxicated individuals
  • Domestic disturbances
  • Homeland security

Police Science Student Training

During training, Police Science students gain hands-on experience in patrol procedures, traffic collision investigation, and criminal law. In a traditional student/classroom setting, some areas of training are hard to teach, such as how to handle a potentially violent situation.

The MILO Range Technology bridges the gap between classroom scenarios and real-life situations. The virtual simulator offers many different features to enhance student learning including the handling of:

  • Handguns, long guns, and less-lethal projectiles
  • Batons, tasers, and OC spray
  • Return fire

This technology offers training to Police Science students that, until now, was only the subject of lecture and discussion. Students now have the opportunity to practice situations only previously available at an off-campus shooting and training range.

Iowa Law Enforcement Academy Training

The MILO virtual technology is also used for tactical training new officers in the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy.

Coordinator, ILEA Reserves

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