Skid Monster Driving System

Skid Monster Driving System

Protect yourself against other drivers and bad weather conditions that can provide many hazards on the road. Hawkeye offers driver education courses using the Skid Monster Driving System where you will learn how to detect, correct, and prevent an accident.

Increase your risk management during every day driving by acquiring habits that have safeguards built into them using the Skid Monster Driving System. Experience the consequences of bad driving and see how much easier it is to keep the vehicle in control rather to regain control.

Driver education course instructors place students in a variety of situations to teach them a variety of lessons including:

  • Prevention, detection, and correction of skids.
  • Vision training to keep the vehicle balanced.
  • How to prevent SUV rollover crashes.
  • The consequences of tailgating.
  • Why and how to control speed at curves.
  • How to control blowouts at highway speeds.
  • Off-road recovery under various conditions.
  • Reaction to sudden obstacles in the path.
  • Effective use of ABS braking.

Hawkeye also offers a wide range of driver risk-reduction programs that are great for organizations such as:

  • Corporate programs
  • Municipal programs
  • Police, fire, and EMS emergency vehicle programs
  • Advanced driver performance programs
  • Military driver enhancement programs
  • Teen and senior driver programs

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