Virtual CNC

The CNC Machining and Tooling Technology program utilize a virtual training environment to give students more realistic one-on-one training with the machining equipment. Immerse2Learn's virtual 3D CNC machines and online course materials allow students to practice and gain confidence in their skills in a hands-on environment.

The virtual CNC machines mimic reality with realistic mills, lathes, and industrial control panels for widely used brands such as Haas. The student can edit, load, run, and save programs as well as set tools and work offsets just like on a real machine.

Benefits of Virtual CNC

Hawkeye’s Virtual CNC has many training benefits such as:

  • The training is cost-effective and safe.
  • 24/7 access to lessons and virtual machines.
  • Instructors can track and measure student progress.
  • Reduced risk to people and equipment.
  • Increased time in control panel training.
  • Decreased wait time for real machines.
  • Increased student confidence in programming.

Customized Business Training

Hawkeye has taken this technology beyond the traditional student classroom. Customized training sessions are available for machinists in the industry to advance or refine their skills

Learn more about working with Hawkeye to customize training for your business.

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