Regular Hours, Summer 2023

Summer Hours: May 15 - July 28, 2022: Monday - Thursday 8:00am - 4:30pm, Friday 8:00am - 12:00pm

Right to Assemble

Hawkeye recognizes the right for students to assemble. Persons involved cannot:

  1. Obstruct, disrupt, or otherwise interfere with instructional programs, administration, disciplinary procedures, board meetings, or any other authorized Hawkeye function or event.

  2. Occupy or use any Hawkeye facility without appropriate permission.

  3. Physically abuse any person on the campus or at any Hawkeye location, function, or event. This includes the threat or the encouragement of physical abuse.

  4. Steal or damage property of Hawkeye or of any person on the premises of a Hawkeye facility.

  5. Set a fire on the premises of any Hawkeye facility without appropriate permission from Hawkeye administration.

  6. Interfere with the right of access to any Hawkeye facilities or with any other lawful right of any person on Hawkeye's property.

  7. Use or possess firearms, ammunition, or any other weapon on Hawkeye property. This includes flammable devices, substances, or materials. Hawkeye officials may authorize exceptions.

Any student who violates, attempts, or encourages a violation of these rules is subject to disciplinary procedures by Hawkeye including expulsion.

Contact Information

Dean of Students

Nancy Henderson
Student Services
Hawkeye Center 208
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