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Starting a Club or Organization

Hawkeye considers student clubs/organizations an important part of student development. Clubs/organizations provide students the opportunity to:

  • Interact with faculty, staff, and students.
  • Pursue special interests.
  • Learn to work effectively with others.
  • Become actively involved in extracurricular activities.
  • Gain meaningful life experiences.

Types of Student Clubs/Organizations

Professional and departmental clubs/organizations are designed for students intending to pursue interests which contribute to their chosen career field and their career development.

Membership for scholastic honorary clubs/organizations is based on academic excellence and achievement.

Service clubs/organizations are designed for students wishing to contribute to Hawkeye and/or the community.

Special interest clubs/organizations are designed for students wishing to pursue a particular interest or vocation. Examples include political clubs, club sports, multicultural clubs, etc.

Applying for Club/Organization Recognition

Official recognition of student clubs/organizations is granted by the Student Leadership Council and Student Life office.

Clubs/organizations interested in official recognition, funding, and various on-campus privileges must apply to the Student Leadership Council by submitting the following completed forms:

  1. Advisor Agreement form [pdf]
  2. Approval and Roster Form [pdf]
  3. A proposed constitution, including the purpose, requirements of membership, organizational structure and proposed objectives or activities. See sample constitution [pdf].

Club/Organization Approval Process

  1. The Student Leadership Council will review the application materials and vote on the recognition of the proposed club/organization.

  2. The designated group advisor will be notified when the Student Leadership Council will vote on your club/organization proposal. You must send a representative from your club/organization to this meeting to answer questions relating to the establishment of the club/organization and its purpose.

  3. All approved clubs/organizations must develop a club/organization web page on the Hawkeye website. Contact the webmaster with the following information:

    • Description of the club/organization, goals, and what the club does.
    • Advisor contact info including name, phone, email, office location.
    • Meeting Information including date, time, location of at least the first meeting of the semester.

    You can also add:

    • Student Leadership such as president, vice president, etc.
    • Photos
    • Past and/or upcoming activities and events
    • How to join
    • Student work

    Example club/organization web page.

    The Hawkeye Community College associate director of student life reserves the right to amend any information not consistent with the mission of the college.

Clubs/organizations must understand and follow the rules, requirements, and policies established by the Student Leadership Council and Student Life office.

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