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Posting Information on Campus

This policy is designed to monitor and provide guidelines for distribution and posting of printed materials, orderly conduct, and presence of political activities, free speech activities, and campaigning on Hawkeye facilities.

Hawkeye guarantees freedom of expression provided that such expression does not result in a disruption of the orderly operations of Hawkeye facilities, programs, and activities. Hawkeye’s policy is to maximize the opportunity for free discussion and expression while minimizing the potential for disruption of classroom and college/facility activities, and interference with the ability of students to obtain an education. This policy is a companion to the “Right to Assemble” and “Student Rights” policies.

1. Definitions

  1. Literature—Applies to printed material of any size or type including, but not limited to, fliers, announcements, advertisements, handbills, pamphlets, banners, posters, and business cards.

  2. Posting of Literature—Displaying of Literature on designated bulletin boards located in and on the Hawkeye campuses and facilities.

  3. Distribution of Literature—Literature which is disseminated or circulated indiscriminately to any persons on the Hawkeye campuses and facilities. Distribution by Hawkeye, or related parties or agents at Hawkeye’s direction, shall not be considered indiscriminate distribution or circulation.

  4. Commercial Literature—Literature which directs attention to a business, commodity, service, or entertainment.

  5. Registered Clubs/Organizations—Hawkeye student clubs and organizations that are registered by the Student Leadership Council and Student Activities office, in accordance with the procedures described in the Start a Club or Organization policy, and are in active status.

2. Standards for Literature to be Posted or Distributed

  1. The literature cannot contain tear-off items or strips.

  2. The literature cannot advocate the commission of an unlawful act which is imminent or likely to occur at the time.

  3. The literature or its distribution on campus cannot impede the orderly conduct of college classes or college/facility activities, services, or operations.

  4. Literature, materials, or other insignia cannot include expression which is obscene or libelous according to current legal standards, or which so incites students as to create a clear and present danger or the commission of unlawful acts on the Hawkeye premises, or the substantial disruption of the orderly operation of college/facility activities.

  5. Hawkeye assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of the literature.

3. Registered Clubs/Organizations

  1. The literature of Registered Clubs/Organizations may not endorse or recommend commercial products or services.

  2. The literature of Registered Clubs/Organizations shall meet the same standards as those found appropriate for other student publications and may not be sold.

  3. Literature posted by Registered Clubs/Organizations in the classroom must be specifically related to classroom instruction or approved college/facility events, which could include rallies and other classroom instruction related events.

  4. Campaign activities for Student Leadership Council elections must be in accordance with Student Leadership Council qualifications and policies.

4. Commercial Literature to be Posted or Distributed

  1. Commercial Literature must concern lawful activity and not be misleading.

  2. Commercial Literature is restricted to designated public posting areas on campus.

  3. In order to be able to identify persons who may be responsible for fraud or false advertising, all printed Commercial Literature posted or distributed on campus must have printed thereon the organization/institution/affiliation which is distributing the Commercial Literature with its address or telephone number clearly stated.

  4. Posting or distribution of Commercial Literature of any kind is prohibited in classrooms unless directly related to classroom instruction.

  5. Hawkeye does not endorse, sponsor, approve, authorize, or regulate any commercial business commodity, service, or entertainment permitted for posting or distribution.

5. Procedure for Posting of Literature on Campus

  1. All items of literature for posting must be submitted during normal business hours to the Student Activities office.

  2. The Student Activities office will review and approve or reject the literature based on the regulations and procedures as described in this policy, within two business days, where possible.

  3. Approved literature will be posted by the Student Activities staff on designated bulletin board(s), where requested and as space is available.

  4. Literature can be posted for a maximum of two weeks per submission. Submissions can be made no more than twice per semester.

6. Procedure for Distribution of Literature on Campus

  1. All Registered Clubs/Organizations and/or Hawkeye students wishing to distribute literature on campus must register with the Student Activities office during normal business hours in advance of commencing distribution of literature, and acknowledge receipt of the applicable Recruiter and Vendor/Solicitation Regulations.

  2. Distributors are required to provide the following information: name of Registered Club/Organization or individual, contact name, and dates and times of distribution.

  3. Any persons who fail to register before distributing literature on campus are subject to disciplinary action.

  4. All organizations and/or individuals other than Registered Clubs/Organizations or Hawkeye students wishing to distribute literature must first apply with the Student Activities Office at least five business days in advance of commencing distribution of literature. Approval or denial of such parties will be determined based on availability of space.

  5. No distributor shall touch, strike, or impede the progress of a passerby, except for incidental or accidental contact or contact initiated by a passerby.

  6. Persons shall not use any means of amplification that creates noise or diversion that substantially disrupts the orderly conduct of the college, campus, facilities, classes, or Hawkeye operations.

  7. All literature discarded in and around the area of distribution must be retrieved by persons distributing the literature, prior to departure.

  8. No restrictions shall be placed on subject matters, topics, or viewpoints expressed, as long as it does not include expression which is obscene, libelous, or slanderous according to current legal standards or which so incites students as to create a clear and present danger or the commission of unlawful acts on the community college premises, or the substantial disruption of the orderly operation of the Hawkeye/facility activities.

  9. Regulation of the time, place and manner of free speech activities may be imposed for the purpose of preventing substantial disruption of the orderly conduct of college classes, Hawkeye/facility programs, or services. Such regulation must be reasonable and not discriminate on the basis of the content of the speech.

Nothing in this policy shall prohibit the regulation of hate violence directed at students or employees in a manner that denies their full participation in the educational process, so long as the regulation conforms to the requirements of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and the laws and Constitution of the State of Iowa. Disciplinary action will be imposed for harassment, threats, or intimidation unless such speech is constitutionally protected.

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