Student Veterans of America, Hawkeye Community College Chapter

Student Veteran's of America

The Student Veterans of America, Hawkeye Community College Chapter, seeks to enhance the quality of life for both military and civilian students. The Hawkeye Student Veterans Association is an actively involved campus organization created and made up by servicemen and women who have been there, done that, just like you.

We know how difficult the transition from military life to civilian life and then to college life can be. We provide the support and camaraderie to help you navigate and reintegrate in to this “new normal” of civilian and college life.

Please join us at Hawkeye Student Veterans of America meetings, social gatherings, and events where your family and friends are welcome to join. We sponsor picnics, speakers, community service, and other events to build the community of student military and veterans on campus as well and continue service to others. Use your leadership skills to help us develop a great organization that makes a difference.

Learn more about the student Veterans of America national organization


Members must be current students or alumni of Hawkeye Community College.

We welcome service personnel, spouses, significant others, family, and friends of those affiliated with the armed forces.

Meetings—Fall 2018 and Spring 2019

Meetings will be held on the second and fourth Wednesdays of the month at 12:00pm in the Student Veterans Lounge located in the Brock Student Center.

Check out our Facebook page for current meeting and event updates.

How to Join

To join Student Veterans of America, Hawkeye Community College Chapter either attend a meeting or contact us for more information.


President: Joshua Meyer
Vice president: Patrick Curry
Secretary: Robert Thiemann


Robin Knight
Military and Veterans Services
Brock Student Center 103
319-296-2329 ext.1212
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Brock Student Center
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