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Resources and Forms


Advisor Agreement [pdf]: Every advisor will need to sign an advisor agreement every academic year or when starting a new club.

Appeal Form [pdf]: Complete this form to appeal a disciplinary action made by the club/organization advisor. For example, suspension or termination from the club/organization.

Approval and Roster Form [pdf]: To maintain your club/organization's active status, submit a completed Approval and Roster form each semester. Also see Maintaining Active Status.

Funding Request Form [pdf]: Used to request funds for club/organization. Clubs/organizations can request up to $400 per fall/spring semester.

Fundraising Approval Form [pdf]: Used when planning any type of fundraiser. Clubs/organizations will be notified of approval or denial within two weeks from when the request is received.

Reimbursement Form [pdf]: Used when requesting reimbursement for purchases made for a club/organization or travel expenses. If requesting reimbursement for travel, you will also need to complete the Travel Reimbursement form. Travel Reimbursement forms can be picked up in the Student Life office.

Sponsorship Checklist [pdf]: Complete this guide before contacting prospective sponsors.

Student Activity Notification [pdf]: Complete this form if you will miss class to attend a club event.

Travel Acknowledgement/Waiver Form [pdf]: All students participating in a club/organization must sign a Travel Acknowledgement/Waiver form at the beginning of each semester.

Van Rental Form: Used to reserve and document any travel in a Hawkeye vehicle. This form is also used by the maintenance department to keep track of mileage and vehicle usage. Your club/organization should keep it for your records. Student Life will also file it in your club/organization’s folder. The form can be found in My Hawkeye > Services and Resources > Van Reservation.


Student Life staff: The Student Life staff maintains an open door policy. You are encouraged to contact us with any questions regarding planning, club/organization operations, handling funds, fundraising, marketing, or any other issues that may arise.

We are happy to help any club/organization with their development which may include clarification of purpose, structuring of organization, fundraising ideas, leadership development, team building, conflict resolution, etc.

Appointments are encouraged.

Constitution: Each club/organization must have a constitution with bylaws on file with the Student Leadership Council each academic year. See sample constitution [pdf].

To checkout a laptop, contact the Library.

To reserve a van or car, the club/organization advisor must contact Marjorie Jones. The person driving the vehicle must be a Hawkeye employee.

Developing your club/organization calendar: Clubs/organizations are strongly encouraged to set up a yearly calendar of events/activities as early in the fall semester as possible. This will ensure that the space and other resources that are needed will be available. This will also ensure that your activities are publicized as widely as possible.

Reserving space for meetings, events, or activities:

  • To reserve the Multipurpose Room or Brock Student Center Stage contact the Student Life office. All requests must be confirmed by the Student Life staff.

  • To reserve the Informational Table in the Brock Student Center, your club/organization advisor must contact Student Life.

  • To reserve a classroom or the Auditorium in Tama Hall, your club/organization advisor must contact Julie Johnson.

Marketing Your club/organization, event, or activity:

  • To post flyers or other information on the bulletin boards around campus, contact Student Life. All flyers must be okayed, stamped, and posted by Student Life. Unapproved flyers will be removed.

  • To request information to put into the Stall Street Journal (posted twice a month on the 1st and 14th of the month during the school year in bathroom stalls around campus) or the Parent e-Newsletter, your club/organization advisor must contact Student Life.

  • To create, update, or add information to your club/organization web page, contact Krystal Grady in Public Relations and Marketing.

  • For approval of all other marketing materials, including creating a social media presence, contact Sean Hylton in Public Relations and Marketing.

Stall Street Journal: The Stall Street Journal is posted twice a month on the 1st and 14th during the school year. If your club/organization would like to submit an item into a Stall Street Journal publication, email Student Life. Due to limited space, a rotation may be implemented to ensure all clubs/organizations are given equal opportunities to post in the publication. There will also be a club/organization featured in every issue. Student Life reserves the right to omit or include any information.

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Spring Break Hours

The Brock Student Center will be closed during Spring Break.

Regular Hours — Spring 2020

Monday–Thursday 7:30am–5:30pm
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If campus is closed, the Brock Student Center is also closed. This includes weather-related closings. See the Academic Calendar for scheduled college closings.

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