COVID-19 Campus Updates and Resources: Wearing a face mask and practicing physical distancing are required. Visit our Stay Healthy, Stay Safe. Navigating COVID-19 Together website for more information.

Spring 2021 Course List: This course list identifies face-to-face classes that will be delivered via Zoom at their scheduled days and times through March 19. All other courses will run as scheduled at their designated days, times, and locations.

Extended hours: Many offices are open 8:00am–6:00pm weekdays through January 22. Offices with extended hours include Student Services, Business Office, Financial Aid, and Admissions.


Advertisement Policies

Effective ways to advertise your club/organization or events include:

  • Fliers
  • Table tents: Contact Student Activities for a template before designing your table tent
  • Sandwich boards
  • Stall Street
  • PowerPoint slide on COMLINK that displays on the Student Center TVs: Contact Student Activities for the template before designing your PowerPoint slide
  • Informational tables
  • Mass emails

The Student Activities office must approve all forms of advertisement that are posted on campus. Advertisements that have not been approved with the Student Activities approval stamp will be taken down immediately. 

Sidewalk chalk of any kind is not permitted on campus grounds.


Students cannot enter into contractual agreements on behalf of Hawkeye Community College or their club/organization.

Food on Campus

Student clubs/organizations can order food through our on campus Food Court. The Food Court must be given first opportunity to cater any events on campus. You can pick up a food service order form at the Student Activities desk in the Brock Student Center. Under no circumstances can prepared food be brought in and served to the student body.

Financial Information

Student clubs/organizations are expected to keep an accurate record of their financial activities. For questions or concerns on financial rules and regulations, please seek out Laura Thompson in the Business Office, Hawkeye Center 122. Clubs/organizations cannot exceed fund balance; any overage will be paid for by the club/organization advisor’s department.

If your club/organizations needs to make a purchase for an activity or event there are a couple of options.

  • For online or over the phone purchases clubs/organizations can use the credit card designated to be used only in the Business Office.

  • The club/organization advisor can check out the Walmart credit card located in the Business Office.

  • Pay for items up front and submit a reimbursement form [pdf] with all necessary paperwork to the Student Activities office.  Student Activities encourages clubs/organizations to use this as a last resort option for purchases.

On/Off Campus Events

If your club/organization is planning an event or trip on/off campus, you must notify Student Activities of the event/activity. In addition, if the event is off campus, each participating member of the club/organization must sign and submit to the Student Activities office a Travel Acknowledgement/Waiver Form [pdf] prior to the trip, even if they are not being transported in a college vehicle.


Clubs/organizations must have all paraphernalia designs (ex. t-shirts, sweatshirts, tote bags, etc.) reviewed and approved by the club/organization advisor and Student Activities before they can be printed.

Raffling and Gambling

All raffles held by a club/organization must be pre-approved by Student Activities. All raffles are subject to sales tax paid by the club/organization sponsoring the raffle.

Rules and Regulations

The clubs/organizations on campus must abide by the rules and regulations stated by Hawkeye Community College in the Student Handbook in order to maintain their active status and receive funding from the Student Leadership Council.

Solicitation Policy

Solicitation of any kind is prohibited on campus. If a club would like to set up an information table on campus for promotional purposes they need approval from Student Activities.

Student Activities

Brock Student Center

Brock Student Center
1-800-670-4769 ext.4027
Email us

Regular Hours — Spring 2021

Monday–Thursday 8:00am–4:30pm
Friday 8:00am–3:30pm

If campus is closed, the Brock Student Center is also closed. This includes weather-related closings. See the Academic Calendar for scheduled college closings.

Student Life

Health Education and Services Center

Health Education and Services Center
Email us

Ask a Trainer

Regular Hours — Spring 2021

Monday – Thursday 6:00am–9:00pm
Friday 6:00am–6:00pm
Saturday 8:00am–12:00pm
Sunday 4:00–7:00pm

If campus is closed, the Health Education Services Center is also closed. This includes weather-related closings. See the Academic Calendar for scheduled college closings.

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