Hawkeye Community College installs robotic mower for student program

posted on Wednesday, June 10, 2020 in  College News

WATERLOO, Iowa (KWWL) - Industries are constantly changing with new technology, including the landscaping business.

Hawkeye Community College teaches Landscaping & Turf Management classes for students. The students are learning more about an evolving industry with the help of technology.

The automated mower allows students hands-on experience to this technology commonly used at golf courses, and professional sports fields.

The mower has a price tag around $16,000. The mower is battery operated autonomously without a remote. Underground wiring keeps the mower in designated zones, and allows the mower to re-dock at a charging station.

Hawkeye Community College says "the mower does not replace any jobs, but offers a learning experience."

Hawkeye Instructor, Doug Miller, says his industry is moving toward the future.

"It's really a science. We are utilizing data a lot more with soil moisture meters and ways to increase irrigation run times. This is another aspect of the technology coming in," Miller said.

Miller says the mower doesn't cut like a normal mower. Instead of waiting for the grass to grow tall, the mower is operating 24/7.

Safety features include a front bumper and multiple sensors. If a student walks to close to the mower, the mower will stop and turn to go around the object in front of it.

Hawkeye Community College plans to host a social media poll on what the mower should be named, the poll hasn't been announced.

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