Introducing Hawkeye's New Logo

posted on Monday, April 6, 2015 in  College News

By: Public Relations and Marketing

Effective Monday, April 6 you will see Hawkeye’s new logo springing up around campus in the community.

Why Develop a New Logo?

The previous college logo was developed in 1992 when Hawkeye Institute of Technology become a comprehensive community college and changed its name to Hawkeye Community College.

For more than twenty years, the logo served the college well. However, in today’s digital world, the previous logo did not adapt as well, so the college decided to develop a new logo.

Brand and Identity Analysis

After a year of research that included several focus groups, a community telephone survey, and employee surveys, Hawkeye gained an understanding of its brand and key attributes. This research was used in the development of the new logo.

Hawkeye's New Logo

Hawkeye's new 3-color horizontal logo

Hawkeye's new 3-color stacked logo

Graphic Interpretation of the Logo

In the graphical H element, you can see a small “h” in blue. The small “h” represents an individual coming to Hawkeye to gain an education and/or high demand skills. As an individual learns or is educated, they transform and grow into something larger as represented by the large “H.”

The right top element of the H that is in orange represents a personal connection to the College and signifies that as individuals we are part of something bigger.

Abstract Style

The new logo is abstract in design as the opportunities an education provides is not defined by any one image and the opportunities are different for each person.

Logo Colors

Blue Blue was made brighter or warmer than the previous blue used in the logo. Blue is overwhelmingly a color that is liked by both men and women. It is a color that represents professionalism, integrity, trust, and sincerity. It also is associated with authority and success. Many financial institutions and government entities use blue in their logos.

Orange Orange was chosen as an accent color. Orange is often viewed as a color of innovation and modern thinking. It also has connotations of youth, affordability, and approachability. Orange is often used to help retain information. Many technology companies use orange in their logos.

Grey Gray will be maintained in Hawkeye’s color palette. The gray was made brighter and warmer.

Using the New Logo

View our Brand and Visual Identity Policy for more information on how to properly use the new logo.


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