Minimesters: Convenient, affordable, online

Minimesters are shortened and intense classes that are offered between semesters. Minimesters have the same amount of credits and materials as other semesters.

Depending on your major, your Minimester class may count toward university electives. Visit with your advisor to be sure the courses you take will count towards your degree.

Registration and Transcript Information

Guest student Minimester registration must be completed by 4:30pm CST on the business day before the first day of the Minimester course.

You may register for one Minimester course per session.

If you change your mind and do not wish to take the Minimester you registered for, you must officially withdraw on or before the first date of class or you will be responsible for payment of course tuition and fees.

Minimester transcripts will be available four business days after the end date of the Minimester course.

December 2021 Minimesters

May 2022 Minimesters

August 2022 Minimesters

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