Course Descriptions

Subject Listing

ACC Accounting
ADM Administrative Assistant
ADN Associate Degree Nursing
AGA Agriculture — Agronomy
AGB Agriculture — Farm Management
AGC Agriculture — Comprehensive — Miscellaneous
AGH Agriculture — Horticulture
AGM Agriculture — Mechanics
AGP Agriculture — Precision Ag
AGS Agriculture — Science, Animal
AGT Agriculture — Technology
AGV Agriculture — Vet Technology
ANT Anthropology
ASL American Sign Language
ATR Automation Technology and Robotics
AUT Automotive Technology
BCA Business Computer Application
BIO Biology
BUS Business
CAD Computer Aided Drafting
CET Civil Engineering Technology
CHM Chemistry
CIS Computer Programming
CLS Cultural Studies
CNS Conservation Technology
COM Communication
CON Construction
CRJ Criminal Justice
CRR Collision Repair and Refinish
CSC Computer Science
DEA Dental Assistant
DHY Dental Hygiene
DRA Drama — Film and Theatre
DSL Diesel
ECE Early Childhood Education
ECN Economics
EDU Education
EGR Engineering
EGT Engineering Technology
ELE Electrical Technology
ELT Electronics
EMS Emergency Medical Services
ENG English Composition
ENV Environmental Science
ESL English as a Second Language (Non-intensive)
FIN Finance
FIR Fire Science
FLF Foreign Language — French
FLS Foreign Language — Spanish
GEO Geography
GRA Graphic Design
HCM Hospitality, Culinary Arts, and Management
HCR Heating and Air Conditioning
HEQ Heavy Equipment
HIS History
HIT Health Information Technology
HSC Health Science
HSV Human Services
HUM Humanities
IND Industrial Technology
JOU Journalism
LIT Literature
MAP Medical Assistant
MAT Mathematics
MFG Manufacturing
MGT Management
MIL Military and ROTC
MKT Marketing
MLT Medical Laboratory Technology
MMS Mass Media Studies
MUA Music — Applied
MUS Music — General
NET Networking — Computer
OTA Occupational Therapy Assisting
PEA Physical Education — Activities
PEC Physical Education — Coaching / Officiating
PEH Physical Education and Health — General
PHI Philosophy
PHS Physical Science
PHT Photography — Commercial
PHY Physics
PNN Practical Nursing
POL Political Science
PSY Psychology
PTA Physical Therapist Assistant
RCP Respiratory Therapy
RDG Reading
REL Religion
SDV Student Development
SOC Sociology
SPC Speech
TDT Truck Driving and Transportation
WBL Work-Based Learning
WDV Web Development
WEL Welding
WST Women's Studies

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