Hawkeye Alert

The Hawkeye Alert system will notify you of college closings and cancellations due to emergency situations such as severe weather, hazardous material incidents, and immediate dangers.

In the event of an emergency, the Hawkeye Alert system will send a voice or text message to your phone or an email within minutes.

The Hawkeye Alert System is tested each semester.

Hawkeye Alert Login

Your Hawkeye Alert Contact Information

All current credit students, faculty, and staff automatically have their primary phone number, mailing address, and Hawkeye email address on file in their student or employee record. Please login to verify your contact information and add text messaging, additional phone numbers, or email addresses that you would like to be contacted in the event of an emergency or severe weather.

Please note:

  • Only current credit students, faculty, and staff can login to the Hawkeye Alert system.

  • You will automatically be removed from the Hawkeye Alert system when you leave the college or graduate.

  • Hawkeye Alerts are intended for people on or near campus. These emergency notifications may not be appropriate for everyone.

  • Hawkeye Alert will contact every phone number and email address you include in your profile.

  • If you choose to be notified via text message regular text messaging rates will apply. Please check with your cell phone provider about your text messaging plan and any costs associated with incoming text messages.

  • Hawkeye tests the Hawkeye Alert system at the beginning of each semester. If you do not receive a Hawkeye Alert on the scheduled test date, please login to verify your contact information is correct.

  • Hawkeye does not sell, lease, share, or rent personally identifiable information (names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, etc.) to any companies or persons outside of the College. Contact information you provide in your Hawkeye Alert profile will only be used to notify you of a college emergency or college closing.

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