Receiving Alerts

It is our goal to have all contacts made within 20 minutes of sending the alert. However, circumstances such as the size of the notification audience and the time of day, may affect how quickly all contacts are made.

Voice Messages

  • When a Hawkeye Alert message is sent, the Hawkeye Alert system will call each phone number once, even if the number is entered in the system multiple times.

  • Calls from Hawkeye Alert system will come from the Hawkeye Alert and Information Line 319-296-4444.

  • We recommend programming a unique and audible ring tone for calls coming from the Hawkeye Alert number, especially if you set your phone to vibrate mode during class or meetings.

Text Messages

  • If you've opted-in to receive a text message on your cell phone, watch for a text message from Hawkeye Alert. The confirmation message will read: "Hawkeye Alert: You are now confirmed to receive alerts from us. More info text reply "HELP" or "STOP HCC" to opt-out."

  • You will see 231-77 as the text messaging number sending you the confirmation message. Please save this number and program it as "Hawkeye Alert." This number will be the official source of Hawkeye Alert text messages.

Email Messages

  • The Hawkeye Alert message will be sent to your Hawkeye email address and any other email address you enter in your Hawkeye Alert contact preferences.

  • If you update your email contact preferences you will receive a verification email with the subject "Your information has been successfully edited."

Contact Information

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