Talent Reality 101

One of the biggest challenges facing companies today is getting the employee base to understand how the business works, how it makes money, how it earns profits, and how important each individual is to driving overall company success.

Talent Reality 101™ teaches business fundamentals, including workforce optimization, employee engagement, the cost of onboarding and turnover, and allocating talent to the best positions for success.

Skills are learned through gamification where teams of four act as management for a simulated company. You are responsible for running every aspect of the business; including payroll, supply chain, efficient investment, onboarding of new employees, and scheduling employee workflow. Learn to engage your workforce and optimize their efforts, allowing your company to drive a better customer experience while reducing costs and maximizing profits.

Designed for leaders and managers responsible for creating and implementing the deployment strategy in a company, Talent Reality 101 helps clarify the difference between making positive investments for the future or throwing good money at a bad strategy or procedure. The simulation does three things:

  1. Underscores the employee base as an appreciating asset.
  2. Identifies the financial success companies can have when they put the right people in highly effective workflow processes.
  3. Positions the human resource professional more effectively as critical to bottom-line success and a true top line asset.

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