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Medical Services

Medical services are provided by a licensed Family Nurse Practitioner and RN.

Medical Services provided at the Student Health Center include:

  • Physical exams for school program requirements and/or employment.
  • Evaluation and treatment for minor illnesses such as sore throat, ear infection, rash, etc.
  • Allergy injections.
  • Medication assistance and referral.
  • Immunizations and TB (tuberculosis) testing.
  • Pregnancy testing.
  • STD counseling, testing, treatment, and referral.
  • Smoking cessation assistance.
  • Physician referral.
  • Community resource information and referral.
  • Health Topics / Self Care such as:
    • Common cold
    • Stomach Flu
    • Influenza
    • Painful menstrual periods
    • Cat and dog bites
    • Meningococcal Meningitis
    • Shingles

Staff at the Student Health Clinic are contracted or employed by the Black Hawk County Health Department.

Student Health Clinic

Health Education and Services Center—left door entrance
319-296-4270 (fax)
Email us

Regular Hours

Hours subject to change depending on staff availability.

October 2017

Medical Services *
Mon–Wed 8:00am–4:00pm
Friday *** 8:00am–1:00pm

* No Medical Services  October 30–November 2.

Mental Health Services **
Monday 8:00am–4:00pm
Tuesday 8:00am–4:00pm
Wednesday 8:00am–6:00pm
Thursday 8:00am–4:00pm
Friday *** 8:00am–1:00pm

** No mental health services October 23–27.

*** Closed October 13 for training.

After hours options