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Copyright Infringement and Peer-to-Peer File Sharing Policy

It is the intention of Hawkeye Community College to protect its users (students, faculty, staff, and guests) and to protect itself from copyright infringement violations. In order to do this, and in compliance with federal law, Hawkeye Community College is making this guide and policies available to the campus community.

It is illegal to copy or distribute material that is protected by copyright, trade secret, patent, or other intellectual property laws. Violation of these laws may result in disciplinary actions by Hawkeye Community College and legal action by state or federal government agencies.

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Peer-to-Peer File Sharing

Hawkeye Community College prohibits the use of peer-to-peer file sharing applications on its network, including wireless network services, to transmit, exchange or copy any music, software, or other materials which are protected by copyright or intellectual property rights. Violation of this prohibition may result in disciplinary action by Hawkeye Community College as outlined in the Student Handbook.

Digitization of Materials

Hawkeye Community College prohibits copying and distribution, digital or otherwise, of copyrighted material, including, but not limited to software, printed, audio, or video material. In addition to digital files, this includes copyrighted books and other printed or film materials that may be duplicated with a photo copier, recording device, camera, CD/DVD, burner or other similar duplicating device.

Software Agreements

Hawkeye Community College is strictly governed by licensing agreements for software that is used in offices, classrooms, and computer labs. Unauthorized access, copying or distribution of licensed software is prohibited and may result in disciplinary actions by Hawkeye Community College and possible legal actions by the software owners or their companies.

Hawkeye Community College Efforts

Hawkeye Community College, in compliance with federal laws and guidelines, will work to limit the distribution of copyrighted material on its network. If a violation is detected, Hawkeye Community College will make every effort to stop and nullify that violation and assist federal authorities as required by law. Communication and Information Services personnel will report and detected violations to Hawkeye Community College administration.

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