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posted on Monday, June 3, 2019 in  College News

Leadership is a skill, and not one you can acquire in a day. Great leaders emerge over time, with experience, knowledge, and a commitment to continuous improvement. The skills you bring to your job on day one are different from those you bring into a leadership role.

When Hawkeye Community College launched the LEAD Certificate program in 2014, our focus was on building those leadership skills with individuals who were ready to take the next step in their career, and help current leaders with succession planning. To date, 190 individuals have completed the LEAD Certificate, and the current class includes 39 individuals from 18 different companies.

As we work on developing the next generation of leaders, we have to think about the continued growth of individuals already in leadership roles. The development of new leaders is how companies survive, but expanding the knowledge and skills of current leaders is how they thrive.

The ProLEAD Certificate program tackles the needs of individuals who are already managers and supervisors, or those who completed LEAD and are ready for the next step. ProLEAD is built for those who already have basic managerial skills and are now seeking more guidance and insight on the tough topics leaders face.

The series, which runs July 31, 2019, to April 22, 2020, includes 10 four-hour classes and a one-hour webinar. Classes tackle a wide variety of topics relevant to leadership and management, from uncovering leadership blind spots (July 31) to skillful negotiation (November 21) and finance for non-financial managers (December 18).

Each participant also gets two one-hour individual coaching sessions with leadership coach Joel Bennett. Bennett has more than 20 years of human resource experience and excels at building organizational capacity through customized consulting, training, and coaching. The one-on-one coaching sessions will allow participants to process new learning, target new leadership behaviors, and integrate key learning into daily leadership habits.

To earn a ProLEAD Certificate, participants must attend at least seven of the 10 classes, as well as both coaching sessions and the webinar. A complete listing of class dates and descriptions is available at, or call 319-296-4223 for more information.

Kim Recker is Program Developer for Hawkeye Community College Corporate and Business Solutions.


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