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A Hero Never Dies // Mullikin Police Science Scholarship

Deputy Sheriff William Mullikin of the Black Hawk County Sheriff’s Department was tragically killed while on duty in a car accident on July 14, 1981. Mullikin was responding to a reported sighting of the suspect wanted for the murders of Waterloo Police officers Michael Hoing and Wayne Rice.

Marcia Mullikin fondly remembers how proud her husband was of his education and his career. She created a police science scholarship because she wanted to honor her late husband’s profession and to pay tribute to the education he received at Hawkeye. Since the first scholarship was awarded in 1982, Marcia has met each one of her scholarship recipients. Hearing about their great experiences at Hawkeye and their eagerness to start their career only reinforces Marcia’s belief in the scholarship. Many Hawkeye students have benefited from her generosity as this scholarship provides tuition for one semester for a student.

“I support one student each year by paying for their tuition. This is an extremely worthwhile investment. I feel this provides recognition for students, and I desire to help students who otherwise would have the stress of paying for an education. For one semester a student does not feel the financial stress of an education. I know myself as a student what it felt like to be a poor student and how much scholarships meant to me.”

Marcia believes an education broadens options for employment and more importantly, an education is more than just about getting a job - it is about having a fulfilling career. Marcia is currently a family marriage and individual therapist at her private practice in Waterloo.

When asked why people should support Hawkeye she quickly replied that Hawkeye serves a wide variety of students - technical training and transfer programs. By supporting Hawkeye, you support an institution that provides opportunities to many people. Hawkeye has a strong sense for the non-traditional student and gives the message that everyone can obtain an education.

“They are open, welcoming, and supportive. It is so easy to continue to support the program. I believe in it. It has been so uplifting and encouraging.”

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