Work-Study Positions

Work-study funds are based on need. To interview for work-study positions you must have received a work-study award email.

You may only be employed for one work-study position at a time. See the Student Employment Handbook [pdf] to learn more about switching to a different position or ending employment as a work-study student.

Because of the limited funding, it’s possible that more students will be awarded than there are positions available.

If there is an area/department that you would like to work in and it is not set up for work-study, please have that staff or faculty member contact the Financial Aid office. We will check and see if that position could be eligible and funded by the Work-Study program.

Hawkeye Community College requires certain departments to conduct mandatory background checks before hiring. If you have been pre-approved to work in one of these departments, you will be required to sign a Background Check form.

Position Department
Student Ambassador Admissions
Ag Department /Meat Lab Assistant Ag/Nat. Resources
Farm Herdsman Ag/Nat. Resources
Rusty the RedTail Mascot Athletics
Rusty the RedTail Handler Athletics
Recreation Student Life Assistant Athletics
Admin & Finance/Business Office Business Office
Child Care Assistant/Helper Child Development Center
Photo Cage Attendant Digital Mass Media
DMM Crib Attendant Digital Mass Media
Sustainable Construction & Design Work Study Engineering Tech
Financial Aid Office Student Assistant Financial Aid
Elementary Reading Tutors Financial Aid
Gallery Assistant Fine Arts (CHEFA)
EMS Lab assistant Fire Science / EMS
Video Editing and Web Design Humanities
Humanities Humanities
IT Assistant Information Systems
Facilities Maintenance Helper Maintenance
Assistant to the Lab Assistant Math, Natural Sciences, and Social Sciences
Automotive Shop Assistant Power Tech
diesel tech Regional Transportation Training Center (RTTC)
Infection Control Assistant for Dental Clinic School of Interprofessional Health & Safety Services
Dental Sterilization Lab Assistant School of Interprofessional Health & Safety Services
Patient Simulation Lab Assistant School of Interprofessional Health & Safety Services
Student Leadership Council Student Activities
Office Assistant for the Career Services Center Student Services


The Financial Aid office is responsible for the awarding and enforcing of Federal and State laws and institutional policies.

Departments post Work-Study opening positions to the Hawkeye Community College Financial Aid website. The Financial Aid office does not recommend or represent employers or guarantee position information.

Students are responsible for evaluating each individual off-campus employer’s hiring and employment practices.

The Financial Aid office provides employment practice recommendations to all departments and agencies but is not responsible for their implementation.

Contact Information

Financial Aid

Hawkeye Center 118
800-670-4769 ext.4020
319-209-9239 (text only)
319-296-4495 (fax)
Email Financial Aid

Regular Hours

Mon–Fri 8:00am–4:30pm

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