Job Shadow Expectations

Job shadows are an engaging experience for students to gain information about a particular career and interact with a professional in that field.

Student Role

  • Students will create accounts in the Career Connections system and apply for a job shadow experience. Career Connections will not place any job shadows during the months of December and May.
  • Students will receive a checklist of helpful information for their job shadows including site info, dress codes, logistic information, and tips for interacting with professionals at their shadow.
  • Students will be expected to follow-up and confirm their job shadow with the business partner one week before their job shadow. A sample confirmation message will be provided to the student to help them with their call.
  • If the student is unable to attend their scheduled job shadow for any reason, it is the student’s responsibility to contact both the business site and their Career Connections work-based learning coordinator. If the student does not contact the site and their coordinator, they may or may not be able to participate in future Career Connections job shadows.
  • Upon completion of the shadow, students will be expected to send a thank you note to the business and complete an evaluation of their experience.

Career Connections Role

  • Career Connections will come to the school to meet with classes and/or individual students about the job shadow application and process.
  • Students will be placed in job shadows by their Career Connections work-based learning coordinator.
  • Confirmation/permission messages will be sent to both parents and the coordinating teacher/counselor before final placement for job shadows.
  • If your school is cancelled due to inclement weather, the student’s job shadow will be cancelled. The student should still follow-up with their site to let them know. The work-based learning coordinator will assist the student in rescheduling their job shadow.
  • Both the student and the business contact will receive an evaluation of the experience.

School/Teacher Role

  • Fill out the school release form for the student from Career Connections.
  • If this is for a class/credit, you can require any additional components for the job shadow beyond the thank you note and survey.
  • Results of the student and business surveys can be provided to you if you wish.

Contact Information

High School Career Connections

Work-Based Learning Coordinator

Erin Swancutt
319-296-2329 ext.2022
Email Erin Swancutt

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