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Industry 4.0

Industrial evolution marches on from the first revolution that was mechanization through water and steam power; the second was the addition of electricity; third was computers and the adoption of automation. Industry 4.0 has been slowly making its way into businesses globally over the past several years by enhancing computer technology through a network that allows computers to talk to each other, learn and make decisions in a cyber physical way that creates efficiencies in processes.

Industry 4.0 is comprised of:

  • Cybersecurity
  • AR and Virtual Reality
  • Big Data
  • Robotics/Automation
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Simulation
  • System Integration
  • Cloud Computing
  • Internet of things (IoT).

Cedar Valley Manufacturing Conference — Looking Ahead: The Future of Manufacturing in 2020 and Beyond

The 2020 Cedar Valley Manufacturing Conference featured Industry 4.0 with a conversation led by Jill Lippincott. Iowa Economic Development Authority, and Curt Burnett, Curt Burnett Consulting, and the aspect of Cybersecurity.

Industry 4.0 Webinar

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Industry 4.0 Cybersecurity Webinar

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Industry 4.0 101: for Economic Developers

This presentation was created to prepare Economic Developers, in Iowa, for Industry 4.0 conversations with manufacturers. It begins with a high level overview but evolves into definitions and examples of the components that are I4.0. Discussion with two early adopter manufacturers from the Cedar Valley demonstrate how they are incorporating 4.0 in their plants. By the end of the video you too will have a better understanding of what Industry 4.0 is and how it impacts the sustainability of manufacturing in the 21st century.

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