Bus Service

Route 10 HCC/UNI—Fall 2016 Route Schedule

College St. &
Seerley Blvd.
UNI Transportation
31st & Ohio Crossroads Mall Cedar Knoll Hawkeye
7:00am 7:02am 7:05am 7:25am
7:35am 7:45am 7:49am 7:54am
8:05am 8:15am 8:19am 8:24am
8:40am 8:42am 8:45am 9:05am 9:15am 9:19am 9:24am
9:35am 9:45am 9:49am 9:54am
10:05am 10:15am 10:19am 10:24am
10:35am 10:45am 10:49am 10:54am
12:35pm 12:45pm 12:49pm 12:54pm
1:05pm 1:15pm 1:19pm 1:24pm
1:55pm 1:57pm 2:00pm 2:19pm 2:24pm
2:35pm 2:45pm 2:49pm 2:54pm
3:05pm 3:15pm 3:19pm 3:24pm
3:55pm 3:57pm 4:00pm 4:22pm 4:26pm

This is the last bus of the day that will get you off-campus.

Contact Info


Route Maps

Route Maps and Schedules

Printed maps are available in the Brock Student Center and in the Hawkeye Center near the information desk.

White brochures include maps that have information for all of the different routes, with the exception of Route 10 (our route).

Gold brochures have maps that are specific to Route 10.


  • $0.75 one-way (with valid student ID)
  • $45.00 30-day pass for unlimited rides on fixed-route services for 30 days from the first use. Passes can be purchased from the drivers or at the Met Transit Office.

Riders must have exact change or 30-day pass ready when boarding.

Taxi Services

Dolly’s Taxi is one of the Cedar Valley’s popular taxi services. Dolly's Taxi operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Rates are $6.00 for pick-up plus a $2.00 per mile charge. Dolly’s offers immediate pick-up or book by appointment. Call 319-242-2011 to book with Dolly's Taxi.

Uber is an easy way to get around and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Request a ride on demand or make a reservation and a driver will come to you. Sign up for a ride, view wait times, and estimated fares before booking your ride with the Uber mobile app available for Android, Apple, and other smart devices.


Hawkeye offers a Bike Share Program. Students can check out a bicycle for FREE for up to seven days at the Student Life Desk in the Brock Student Center. Students must fill out a membership and wavier form. Upon checkout, students will be given a key to lock up the bike and a helmet for use while renting the bike.

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