Career Fair Tips

Before the fair

  • Plan to wear comfortable but professional clothing—first impressions matter!

  • Research the companies that will be participating in the fair, especially those of interest to you.

  • Bring several copies of your clean, up-to-date resume in a folder or portfolio.

  • This event is to help you find employment; do not bring your family along with you.

Meeting Employers

  • Don’t let someone else speak for you.

  • Shake hands, make good eye contact, smile, and deliver your 30 second commercial or elevator speech.

  • Offer a resume to the employer. Some employers will refer you to their company web site.

  • Be reasonable when taking recruiter giveaways. Thank employers for any materials you are given.

  • Jot down a fact on the back of a business card to help jog your memory when you write a follow-up letter.

Other Hints, Tips, and Tricks

  • Don’t ask, "What do you have for my major?"

  • Be assertive without being rude.

  • Be open-minded and flexible; you might be surprised at what you find.

  • Use the fair to pick up pertinent information about an organization that can be used in a follow up letter of inquiry, application, or thank you note.

  • Be sensitive to others waiting behind you.

  • Don’t ask about salary and benefits.

Following Up

  • Keep track of the organizations and representatives with whom you spoke.

  • Send a thank you letter to the representatives you wish to pursue. This will set the stage for future correspondence.

  • Reflect upon your approach and interactions. What went well? What would you do differently? Did you learn anything about yourself or a potential employer?

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