Grants and Resource Development

The purpose of Grants and Resource Development is to provide leadership and support for increasing external funding of projects that advance Hawkeye’s mission and current strategic initiatives. Hawkeye’s grant portfolio is diverse, with funding from local, state, and federal agencies.

Why write a grant?

Faculty and staff are vital in proposing and implementing grant-funded projects. Your time and energy will lead to rewards for faculty, staff, and Hawkeye such as:

  • External funds for a unique project that is beyond the reach of institutional budgets.
  • Professional growth that results from proposal planning and development.
  • Enriched educational opportunities for students.
  • Innovation in a discipline or field of expertise.
  • Recognition and prestige for successfully funded projects.

If you find an opportunity that interests you, please send a link or copy of the opportunity to the Grants and Resource Development office. We will review the opportunity and provide technical assistance in understanding the terms and conditions, as well as indicate the next steps for pursuing a grant opportunity.

How can the Grants and Resource Development staff help?

We assist by:

  • Leading focused conversations.
  • Matching ideas to funding opportunities.
  • Helping create a written proposal that succinctly and effectively conveys necessary information for the funding source.
  • Completing a comprehensive proposal package that is compliant with College policy and the funding agency's regulations.

What services does Grants and Resource Development provide?

Funder Cultivation

We research and identify funding sources that may provide resources in support of current and planned projects. Information about current and projected grant opportunities are updated weekly for reference in project planning. We also facilitate grant-related community partnerships.

Proposal Development

As skilled facilitators and experts in proposal writing, we will guide you through project development, proposal preparation, and grant submission. We provide training and guidance through every step of the process. The level of assistance provided during the development process varies based on the number of proposals in process, complexity of the grant proposal, experience of the proposer(s), and need for a team approach in developing the proposal.

Grant Management and Compliance

We work in coordination with the Business Office to provide oversight for all funded projects to meet college and funding source requirements. We also maintain a historical record of Hawkeye Community College grants.

To effectively coordinate proposals submitted by faculty and staff on Hawkeye’s behalf, it is our policy that all proposals must be initiated and completed through the Grants and Resource Development office.

Contact Information

Grants and Resource Development


Constance Grimm
Hawkeye Center 224
Email Constance Grimm

Grants Manager

Heather Schrock
Hawkeye Center 224
Email Heather Schrock

Grants Specialist

Leslie Carlholm
Hawkeye Center 224
Email Leslie Carlholm

Grants Specialist

Carrie Peiffer
Hawkeye Center 224
Email Carrie Peiffer

Administrative Assistant

Lisa Remetch
Hawkeye Center 224
Email Lisa Remetch

The Grants department does not offer grants or scholarships directly to students. Students should contact the Financial Aid office to inquire about grants and scholarships.

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