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You Said What? How to Say Difficult Things Tactfully


Wednesday, September 29, 2021


Do you take time to select the words you are going to say before they come out of your mouth? Or do you ‘wing it’ and say what’s on your mind, bruising a careless path to forced understanding and damaging your reputation along the way? Or do you overthink the situation and don’t say anything at all, or ‘sugar-coat’ the message so much, no one realizes there was a purpose behind the communication. If you fall in either of those camps and need help on your timing, wording, and method of communication, then register for this workshop with Dr. Vapordeal Sanders who has decades of experience as a communication expert. In this workshop, you will:

  • Appreciate different communication styles and approaches depending on circumstances.
  • Evaluate your “communication adaptability” depending on the situation and the receiver.
  • Gain awareness of situations when you should be more careful with your messaging (word choice, timing and communication method).
  • Be provided with a list of “Words to Avoid” in almost every conversation (e.g. Always, Never, Absolutely)
  • Practice phrasing communication messages in writing and verbally during class.
  • Be provided with sample templates to begin some of the most uncomfortable conversations (e.g. firing someone).

Presenter: Dr. Vapordeal Sanders
Cost: $89

Register online for the You Said What? How to Say Difficult Things Tactfully workshop


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