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How to Go On and Save Myself: Compassion Fatigue


Wednesday, March 31, 2021



Have you been asking yourself lately, “When will this end?” Or “How much strength do I have to go on?” These are difficult times, and we are growing tired. Compassion Fatigue is when we grow physically and mentally exhausted and it leads to us having a diminished ability to emphasize or feel compassion for others. And this doesn’t happen to just healthcare workers. If you are helping others alleviate their stress during this pandemic, like helping your children with online learning, or bringing meals to your elderly parents or neighbors, or talking to more upset customers on the telephone at work, you may be experiencing Compassion Fatigue too. During this training session you will learn how to distinguish the differences between compassion fatigue and burnout and recognize the symptoms of compassion fatigue. Additionally, you will outline a survival plan with boundaries, disciplines and habits that will strengthen your emotional resilience.

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