Advanced Manufacturing Programs

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Hawkeye's Advanced Manufacturing Programs

What's advanced manufacturing? It's advanced equipment with cutting-edge technology. It's electronics and automation, such as programming robots. And Hawkeye is the place to prepare for a high-paying, in-demand career in the industry.

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Computer Numerical Control (CNC)

Starting wages: $23/hour for Tool & Die, $18.50/hour for Machinist

The demand for CNC machinists is high, and Hawkeye’s program can get you ready with a program rich in hands-on learning through a CNC Lab and a Virtual CNC experience. Learn more about our CNC program.


Starting wages: $17.50/hour

The world is always looking for welders, and Hawkeye offers three levels of skill development and features hands-on learning opportunities through a welding lab, a virtual welder and robotic welder. Learn more about our Welding program.

Electronics Engineering Technology

Starting wages: $24/hour

This industry is a high-paying one, and you’ll leave Hawkeye with the knowledge and skills needed to work with engineers to design, develop, and manufacture industrial and consumer electronic equipment. Learn more about our Electronics Engineering Technology program.

Industrial Automation Technology

Starting wages: $25/hour

This is a high-paying career field that prepares you with the skills and knowledge to install, program, maintain, repair, and troubleshoot high-tech manufacturing equipment, including robots. Learn more about our Industrial Automation Technology program.

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