Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice Transfer Program Courses

Award: Associate of Arts (AA)
Program Start: Fall, Spring, Summer
Enrollment Status: Full-time or part-time

The Criminal Justice program requires a mix of general education and hands-on courses. The following list of courses is from the current catalog year, organized in the suggested sequence of study for a full-time student, and is subject to change.

Part-time students, visit with a program advisor for a modified sequence of study.

If you are a current student your program requirements may be different than those listed for the current catalog year. View your Program Evaluation to see your specific program requirements and to search and register for classes.

Criminal Justice Courses
CRJ100 Introduction to Criminal Justice 3
CRJ114 Criminal Justice Computer Applications 1
CRJ120 Introduction to Corrections 3
CRJ200 Criminology 3
CRJ201 Juvenile Delinquency 3
CRJ216 Employment Strategies for Criminal Justice 2
CRJ233 Probation, Parole, Community-Based Corrections 3
CRJ258 Ethical Issues in Criminal Justice 2
CRJ299 Current Issues in Criminal Justice 2

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Total Credits 22
The Criminal Justice courses will count towards your Category VI: Elective credits required to complete your Associate of Arts (AA) degree in Criminal Justice.
General Education Courses
Category II: Natural Science and Mathematics 10
Category III: Social Sciences 9
Category IV: Communications 9
Category V: Social Diversity 3
Category I: Humanities 9

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Total Credits 40


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Program Contacts

Department Secretary

Nichole Anfinson
Health Education and Services Center 217B
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Program Advisors

Patrick Fisher
Health Education and Services Center 217A
319-296-2329 ext.1330
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Jane Wagner
Health Education and Services Center 217D
319-296-2329 ext.1400
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Bryan Renfro
Black Hawk Hall 180
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