Veterinary Assisting

Veterinary Assisting Courses

Award: Diploma
Program Start: Fall, Spring
Enrollment Status: Full-time or part-time

The Veterinary Assisting program requires a mix of general education and hands-on courses. The following list of courses is from the current catalog year, organized in the suggested sequence of study for a full-time student, and is subject to change.

Part-time students, visit with a program advisor for a modified sequence of study.

If you are a current student your program requirements may be different than those listed for the current catalog year. View your Program Evaluation to see your specific program requirements and to search and register for classes.

Semester 1
AGS113 Survey of the Animal Industry -OR- 3
Agriculture Elective 3
AGS211 Issues Facing Animal Science 2
AGS218 Domestic Animal Physiology 4
AGS319 Animal Nutrition 3
AGV154 Veterinary Reception and Administration Skills 4

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Total Credits 16
Semester 2
AGV121 Veterinary Medical Terminology 2
AGV123 Companion Animal -OR- 3
AGS216 Equine Science -OR- 3
AGS225 Swine Science -OR- 3
AGS226 Beef Cattle Science 3
AGV140 Veterinary Pharmacology 3
ENG105 Composition I -OR- 3
COM781 Written Communication in the Workplace 3
MAT772 Applied Math -OR- 3
Math Elective 3

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Total Credits 14
Semester 3
AGT805 Employment Experience 5
AGV101 Veterinary Assisting 3

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Total Credits 8
Math Electives
MAT110 Math for Liberal Arts 3
MAT122 College Algebra 5
MAT128 Precalculus 4
MAT134 Trigonometry and Analytic Geometry 3
MAT156 Statistics 3
MAT210 Calculus I 4
MAT216 Calculus II 4
MAT219 Calculus III 4
Agriculture Electives
AGA214 Cash Grains 3
AGA376 Integrated Pest Management 3
AGB101 Agricultural Economics 3
AGB111 Agriculture Enterprise Lab 1
AGB235 Introduction to Agriculture Markets 3
AGB303 Agriculture Leadership 3
AGB331 Entrepreneurship in Agriculture 3
AGB336 Agricultural Selling 3
AGB466 Agricultural Finance 3
AGP333 Precision Farming Systems 3
AGP450 Fundamentals of GIS 3
AGS192 Livestock Judging 3
AGS216 Equine Science 3
AGS225 Swine Science 3
AGS226 Beef Cattle Science 3
AGS272 Foods of Animal Origin 5
AGS275 Food Safety and Analysis 3
AGS305 Livestock Evaluation 3
AGT220 AG Research 3


Program Contacts

Department Secretary

Dianne Lellig
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Program Advisors

Ole Cleveland
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Dresden Wulf
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Ray Beets
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