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Employment Opportunities at Hawkeye

Applications for positions are accepted only when we are actively advertising and recruiting for a specific position opening.

A separate application form and supplemental materials must be completed and submitted for each desired position opening.

Hawkeye Community College is a Skilled Iowa supporter and accepts National Career Readiness Certificates.

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Full Time Positions

Vacancy Notice Deadline Position
1/21/2015 2/6/2015 Administrative Secretary, Career Services Center

Part Time Positions

Vacancy Notice Deadline Position
1/8/2014 12/31/2020 Adult Basic Education, High School Completion, English Language Learning, and Metro Assessment Center Instructors
1/17/2015 1/30/2015 Business and Community Education Assistant, Cedar Falls Center
1/23/2015 2/6/2015 Teaching and Learning Services Technician

Adjunct Positions

Vacancy Notice Deadline Position
12/14/2012 12/31/2020 Faculty Diversity Internship
1/8/2014 12/31/2020 Adjunct Instructors & Continuing Education Instructors

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