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Military Absence Policy

Hawkeye Community College acknowledges and appreciates the important contributions of our students who have served or are currently serving in our military. In order to support these students, Hawkeye Community College pledges to make every effort to provide reasonable accommodations for students who must be absent from class due to military obligations or required medical treatment for service-connected conditions.

The policy will provide that students shall not be penalized for class absences due to military obligations or required medical treatment for service connected conditions. Faculty will provide reasonable accommodations to make up missed work. These accommodations may include a selection of comparable coursework as agreed upon by the faculty.

If all students have the right to drop a test/quiz grade, military-related absences will not constitute the dropped test and make-up tests unless the student chooses to use this option.

Both student and instructor must agree that the length of the absence is reasonable given the type and structure of the course. Student and instructor will sign a plan which details expectations for successful completion of coursework. In situations where the length of absences is detrimental to the student’s ability to successfully complete the agreed upon plan and remain current with coursework, it may be within the students’ interest to withdraw.

Procedures and Documentation

In the case of military training or drill periods, the student should disclose the leave schedule to the instructor as soon as the unit provides such documentation. We understand that training schedules are subject to change and if a change occurs, the student should submit a memorandum from the reservist’s unit to the faculty member. A full eight hours shall be excused before or after the military training or medical treatment to allow for travel time, if travel is required.

In the case of medical treatment, documentation of a VA appointment may be requested to validate the reason for the absence. Documentation should be provided directly to the instructor or through the Military and Veterans Services office. If the student chooses to submit it to the Military and Veterans Services office, the Military and Veterans Services office will notify the instructor of the legitimacy of these absences.

If the student chooses to withdraw due to lengthy military training obligations or extended medical treatment during the semester, they should be directed to the Military and Veterans Services office to proceed with the Military Activation withdrawal or other necessary procedures.

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