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International Student Health Insurance

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can enroll in international student health insurance?

F-1 and M-1 students are eligible for coverage.

Where can I find detailed information about my insurance plan?

LewerMark at Hawkeye Community College.

I am enrolled in international health insurance plan, but I don’t have an insurance card. How do I get one?

You can get your insurance card by logging in to LewerMark. Please, follow directions to create an account if this is your first time logging in:

How do I know what doctor or pharmacy is in my network?

To find a doctor or hospital, click on the Preferred Provider Organization (PPO). For assistance you may also contact LewerMark Customer Service at 800-821-7710 or email Please inform the LewerMark Customer Service Representative that you are a student at Hawkeye Community College in Waterloo, Iowa.

My international student plan does not cover dependent care, but I am bringing my spouse and children with me, can they still get health insurance?

Yes. Although our insurance provider does not provide insurance for dependents, they provide additional options for spouses and children. You can review available plans on the LewerMark website under Insurance Options for Your Spouse and Children.

Do I have to have health insurance during my summer break?

Students are encouraged to have their health insurance coverage during breaks and vacation periods in order to avoid gaps in coverage. If you choose not to have health insurance during summer vacation break, you need to contact the international coordinator and request to stop coverage. Please be advised that if you stop coverage for summer break, certain limitations in coverage may be applied if you have a pre-existing condition.

If you are taking summer classes, you must have insurance coverage during this time.

Do I have to be a full-time student to be able to enroll in the health insurance plan offered for international students?

All eligible F-1 students must be insured under the coverage. Students must be enrolled and actively engaged in full-time studies.

If you were approved for a reduced course load due to medical necessity or other eligible reasons allowing you to maintain F-1 status, you can enroll in coverage with prior approval.

I am on OPT, can I get health insurance with Hawkeye?

If international students choose to continue insurance coverage while on OPT, they must be enrolled in the coverage no later than 30 days after graduation. Once an OPT student lets the coverage lapse, the student will not be eligible to re-enroll in the coverage during the approved OPT period.

I am not sure if I need to go to an emergency room or use urgent care. Can I talk to someone to help me decide?

Use this guide to help you decide if you need to go to the emergency room or urgent care clinic. If you are still not sure, please call MyNurse at 1-866-549-5076. The call is free.

If you go to the emergency room for a minor health concern not related to major injury or illness, you may be responsible for additional costs. Please, refer to resources provided by LewerMark to help you decide if it is a medical emergency.

LewerMark Student Assist

LewerMark student assist can help if you have a problem balancing school, adjusting to a new culture, and/or adapting to responsibilities. The program offers professional counseling and referrals, and may be able to help with legal and financial advice.

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