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Job Search Tips

Searching for a job is no doubt challenging! With the right information you can take control of your job search and get the most out of the effort you put in.

Be prepared

Have your resume and references up-to-date and ready to hand out, mail, or email when the right opportunity comes. You never want to miss out on a great job because you weren't ready to submit all the information requested.

Make sure your voicemail is professional sounding so when the employer calls for an interview, they are not turned off by your voicemail.

Emails should also be professional. You can sign up for a free account with many different providers such as Google, Yahoo, or Hotmail. For a username, your name is recommended.

If you aren’t prepared, ask for help from Career Services or local workforce development location.

Focus Your Search

Narrow your search to include job titles that you are qualified to apply for. Don’t waste your time and effort, or the employers time, to apply for a job you cannot do. Evaluate your skills to gage your strengths and weaknesses. Set a goal to improve your weaknesses by either going back to school, taking community classes, or volunteering.

Identify Target Industries and Companies

Create a list of companies you would like to work for and target those first. Concentrate on companies that have a growing outlook and positive employee reviews. Contact companies directly to find out about current job openings and human resource manager names. Target your resume and cover letter to be specific for each job you apply for and link your qualifications to company hiring needs.

Use Your Network

Tell everyone you know what type of job you are looking for. Many positions are not advertised; therefore word-of-mouth is the best method to find what is out there. Attend community events and volunteer to meet new acquaintances and expand your network. Create a professional online presence with accounts such as LinkedIn, Twitter, or VisualCV. Remember that Career Services at Hawkeye can assist you in expanding your network.

Sell Yourself

This is not the time to be modest about what you can bring to a perspective employer. Be able to give five examples that demonstrate your best qualities. Practice your responses to typical interview questions so that your answers will be polished and well thought out. Dress for the position you want to increase your chances of impressing the employer.

Follow up

Within a few days after applying, follow up with a phone call to the Human Resources contact to make sure the company received your application and resume. Request an interview if you have not been invited to one yet. Always send a thank you note after an interview.

Stay positive

A positive attitude looks good on everyone! Keep a glass half full approach by not letting setbacks stop your momentum. There are over three million jobs available every month in the U.S.; it just takes finding the right one for you!

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