Accommodations for Testing and Learning

Hawkeye offers a variety of accommodation services that are intended to reduce the effects your disability may have on your performance in a traditional academic setting.

These accommodations provide an opportunity for you to demonstrate your academic abilities. Accommodations are not intended to lower course standards or alter degree requirements.

Adaptive Equipment and Software

Adaptive equipment and software is available in the Student Tutoring and Computer Lab. The computer coordinators in the Student Tutoring and Computer Lab can help you learn to use the equipment and applications.

Getting Started

It is strongly suggested that you complete the following steps before classes start or as soon as possible afterwards.

  1. Discuss your adaptive equipment and software needs with the special needs coordinator. They will work with you to determine individualized accommodations for testing and learning, which can include assistive technology.

  2. Schedule training with the computer coordinators in the Student Tutoring and Computer Lab. They can help you learn to use the equipment and applications.

Audio Books

Students with disabilities who have been approved for alternative texts as an accommodation may request electronic or audio versions of their textbooks. Arrangements need to be made early to ensure your books will be ready when your classes start. Please allow up to eight weeks for this process.

Requesting Audio Books

  1. Complete a Request for Audio Books form [pdf].
  2. Attach your proof of purchase for each book to the completed form.
  3. Return the form to the Student Services office.
  4. We will contact you via your Hawkeye email when your books are ready to be picked up.

Course Substitution

Students who qualify for a course substitution are determined to be disabled and/or have reached their achievement level with appropriate accommodations and maximum effort from the student.

You may apply for a course substitution through the special needs coordinator if:

  1. You have made a good faith effort to complete the required course and you have utilized the accommodations recommended and approved by the special needs coordinator and are unable to pass the course.

  2. You, the special needs coordinator, and the dean of students have agreed that due to the nature and severity of your disability, beginning the required course isn't in your best interest.

Course substitutions will not be permitted if the required course is critical to the area of study and the substitution of a course would require a significant change in the essential elements of the curriculum.

Note Taking Assistants

If your disability interferes with taking notes in class, we may be able to arrange to have another student in the class take duplicate notes using carbon paper. We can contact your instructor who may be able to suggest students who would be helpful and take accurate notes.

Copies of class power points and/or Sympodium notes may also be available.

Sign Language Interpreters

Sign Language Interpreters are available for approved students.

Scheduling of interpreters starts several weeks before the beginning of the semester.

Please contact the Student Services office prior to the beginning of the semester to arrange these services.

Special Needs Testing Services

Special Needs Testing Services are available in the Make Up Testing Center for qualified students who need testing accommodations. These accommodations include, but are not limited to: Having a test reader, having a test scribe, testing in a quiet room, extended time to take the test.

Using the Make Up Testing Center

  • Plan ahead. Before you take your first test you, your instructor, and the special needs coordinator will determine your testing accommodations. Bring a copy of your accommodations letter and give it to the Make-Up Testing Center staff.

  • Know your instructor's testing rules and guidelines for testing outside the classroom. Make Up Testing staff cannot change special needs testing accommodations nor instructor guidelines for testing.

  • Schedule your testing appointments as soon as possible. Appointments are made on a first come, first served basis. Testing rooms and accommodations are limited.

  • Be on time. If you are 10 minutes late, your testing time will be canceled and made available for another student.

  • If you need to cancel or reschedule a test, please contact the Make Up Testing Center before your scheduled test time.

  • If you are a “no show” twice, you will not be allowed to reschedule that test in the Make Up Testing Center again.

  • If you need a test reader or scribe, please make arrangements at least two days in advance.

  • If you are using the Make Up Testing Center for extended time on your test, you do not need to make an appointment or reserve a testing room.

  • Read all the Make Up Testing Center policies.

If you have any questions about the above guidelines and rules, please schedule a time to talk with a Make Up Testing Center monitor before your scheduled test time.

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